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Materials & Care Guides

Each product has its own origin story and best practices for well keeping.


Each FAZEEK piece is delicate, unique and handmade. All glass pieces are hand-blown which means you may find some slight variations in shape, colour, markings or finish. We love these unique quirks and it is all part of the beauty of handmade products. These small variations will not take away from the use and beauty of the pieces.

We only use borosilicate glass for our pieces. This high quality glass can handle changes in hot and cold temperatures. This means you can enjoy your hot coffee or tea in our glasses, or use the Wave Coupes as an ice-cream bowl, without fear of the glass cracking or shattering.

All of our glass has the colour pigmentation inside the glass itself. So, unlike cheaper + mass-produced glassware, which may have paint or a colour film over clear glass, the colour in our glass will not fade or wash off.

Care Guide

Our glassware is dishwasher safe but we recommend showing it the love it deserves by washing by hand. Do not put ice into the glasses and carafes before liquid as hard ice cubes may cause damage to the glass. Always be gentle when placing onto hard surfaces.


FAZEEK Wave Candles are individually hand-poured in our Fitzroy North, Melbourne studio. They are made from pure 100% natural soy wax with a cotton braided lead-free wick. Our Wave Candles are housed in our unique borosilicate glass holders.

Care Guide

The first time that you light a Wave Candle, we suggest leaving it to burn until a full wax pool forms on the top. This will set the ‘memory’ for your candle so that each burn thereafter will be even.

Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep away from small children, draughts and flammable items, and always burn your candle on an even, heat-resistant surface.

Trim your wick to 5mm before each burn to ensure a cleaner, mess-free burn. Never burn for more than 3 hours at a time and discontinue use once 1.5cm of wax remains.

The Wave Candle holder can then be reused…we love them as holders for pens + pencils, make-up brushes etc.

Oil Burners & Essential Oils

Our Oil Burners are made from high quality borosilicate glass. To use the oil burner, simply fill the circular vessel three-quarters high with water and add 8 - 10 drops of your favourite FAZEEK essential oil. Light your tealight candle underneath and enjoy.

Our Essential Oils are blended in our Fitzroy North, Melbourne studio. We only use 100% natural essential oils.

Care Guide

Always ensure the oil burner water vessel is three quarters full. This water will evaporate over time so ensure you top it up! Do not move or touch the water vessel once the candle has been lit as it will become hot.

Always use your oil burner on a flat, heat-proof surface. Never use more than the recommended amount of pure essential oils.

Our Essential Oils are not for use on the skin, clothing or in food preparation. Do not ingest. Keep away from small children, draughts and flammable objects.

Our glassware is dishwasher safe but we recommend showing it the love it deserves by washing by hand.

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