Patent & IP

Designs don't just happen, speak to any artist and you will hear the love, pain, tears & laughter that goes into a creation. We live in a world where the word fake has been replaced by the term "Dupe" which somehow seems to excuse using someone elses personal design and creation for your own gain.

We are proud to say that our world famous Wave Coupe design has a patent protection (US Design Patent No. D1,027,561 S) and we will enforce this.

Along with our design patent, "Fazeek" branding and all its image contents found on this website are the property of Fazeek Pty Ltd, Australia and we expressly do not give permission for their usage by any unauthorised third parties.

Image theft is the unauthorised use of an image, photograph, drawing, or illustration. Well duh. Is it really that simple? Of course not. The hard part is that many people differ in the definition of 'unauthorised use'. Where one person may not care whether their photograph is downloaded from a web page and placed on another website without their knowledge, there are some that find this to be blatant copyright infringement. At Fazeek we are in the latter category, so for clarity if you would like to use any image from this site please ask for approval, if you don't assume you don't have approval and you will be in breach of our copyright and face appropriate action.

Thank you for complying.